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Increase Visibility

Get your business the visibility it needs by ranking above your competitors in Google. Don’t compete, dominate your market.

Growth in Customers

Our services not only help get more customers to your site, products, and services than any other internet marketing strategies – but keep them coming back to increase your business’ growth.

Internet & Social media Marketing

Scale your business by using the power of social media channels, email, and web marketing to bring even more customers to your website and promote growth through repeat business.

Make your company’s cash flow work for you for all the coming years. Our SEO strategy is progressive thinking for the future. It’s affordable enough so you can get your Return on Investment within a few months worth of sales, and powerful enough to protect your investment through time.
We’re Partners
You have direct access to our personal mobile phone numbers and emails with a policy that is open to you. We’re here to help. Whether you have questions, problems, concerns, or have new ideas, we are excited to hear from you. You’ll get to know us on a personal level to help you reach your goals.
Monthly Reports
We’ll send you reports on a monthly basis to update you on your rankings and crucial news to your business. We help clients like you stay on top of the game with any new changes in the industry and marketing recommendations to help protect your company’s online presence.
We’re not only brilliant at SEO, but we’re also part of mastermind communities that includes the world’s best Search Engine Marketers. We debate the latest strategies, and constantly find which strategy is effective and which is not. We stay on top in our field, and it’s beneficial to our clients that they get the latest knowledge from us immediately.


Services We Offer

Do you need more organic search engine traffic to your website? Perhaps you need your promotional video to give you the leads and traffic you were paying for? Maybe you need more social media engagement and don’t have the time to manage all your social profiles. Whatever your needs, we can offer the solutions to help you reach your goals.

Marketing Strategy tailored to your business

We analyze your business in detail, and develop an effective online marketing strategy that is custom tailored to your company and goals.

Perform with a combination of Campaigns and Tools

We perform all the right combinations of online marketing channels suitable for your business to help to bring in massive profits and exponential returns from all your online marketing efforts.

Dominate the Search Engines
We never try to compete with competition, we dominate them. So should your business. We’ve successfully taken over the front page for the most difficult competitive searches in the United States.
We do everything In-House
We only trust our own expertise and would never risk leaving our results up to someone else. We do not outsource or use black hat strategies. There are no shortcuts to the top. Our work is done in house by professionals who do this as a full time profession.
Carefree Contracts
Monthly contracts. We believe companies should earn your business on monthly basis and you should only pay for the results you receive. If a company does not deliver, why should you continue investing your hard earn dollars?
Web Design
If you need a website that drives higher conversions and is mobile friendly, we can help. We specialize in creating websites that turns high traffic into big profits.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is big in the online marketing world and you must have the necessary social platform that is optimized for the search engines. You also need good content that is posted daily to drive engagement and traffic. We offer complete design of optimized social media pages suitable for your business, and complete social media management so you can spend your time focusing on your business’ growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t compete with your competitors, dominate them. We are not satisfied until we take over the first page results. We have successfully ranked above some of the most competitive searched over the states.

Optimized Web Design

If you need designs that produce higher conversions and mobile friendly sites, we can help you redesign or build you a site that note only gets traffic, but turn those leads into sales and profits.

Internet & Social media Marketing

Scale your business by using the power of social media channels, email, and web marketing to bring even more customers to your website and promote growth through repeat business.



  • Results speak for themselves and amazing is an understatement. His expertise shines in so many ways including lead generation, traffic strategies, and is really resourceful in the SEO industry connections. Highly recommend working with David and his Agency and can guarantee that you company won’t be the same after working with him
    Hassan Adnan - Agency Owner - The Quest Consulting
  • David is an expert in SEO, the knowledge he has in it is outstanding. He has the ability to, which is amazing, to make a business go from small to large. I would recommend anyone to put all your chips in the center when it come to his knowledge in either Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Online…
    Matthew Imgrund - CEO - Center Of SEO
  • It was great working with David. His planning and execution moved some websites that were languishing on page 3 in google and rocketed them to page 1. In my experience his results are consistently top notch. I'd definitely work with David again.
    Jake Moore - CEO - Digital Mover
  • David and I have worked on some very awesome SEO projects in the past, and I was blown away by the level of skill and expertise he had at ranking his clients. He really cared about getting his clients rankings above all. He is absolutely dedicated to getting you success in Google. Choose him for SEO and you will not…
    Robert Duenner - DFW SEO Specialist


Welcome, we are Blue Bird SEO. I’m sure you’ve landed on this page because you believe SEO  and search engine marketing can help take you business to another level.

You need to get your business on the first page of Google and rank above your competitors. You may be wondering, Why do you need to market my business on the internet? Technology has replaced traditional forms of marketing such as the phone book, magazines, and the newspapers. When people are looking for product and services in their area, the first thing they do is search for it online. They now have smart phones, computers, and the internet to search for the best products and services they need right away. The people who rank on the first page let’s the customer know they are the most trusted brands and services who can help solve their problem right away. The businesses on the first page gets the most attention and receive over 90% of all traffic. If you are not already ranking above your competitors, you are missing out on a significant amount of traffic and profits that your competition is already earning.

Your website needs traffic, but it also needs to be optimized for higher conversions. You need to maximize the amount of people that will instantly build trust to your business to promote sales to make the most of every person that views your website. Traffic and conversions will ultimately lead to higher revenue and profits. Being on the first page of Google can save your business if you just barely keeping your head above water, or will take your business to the next level and scale if you are already at a plateau or level.

We can help your website become more mobile friendly, and be found on Google so you can dominate your market. Companies working with us can expect their business to grow exponentially, and more than you thought possible in your industry. Clients working with us can see results other businesses can only dream of having. You will rank above your competitors and get a consistent flood of traffic to your website that continually convert into sales, profits, and repeat business. Contact us and get started today!

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